Columbus Underground: “Treat to Try: Tudie’s”

Mentioned at Columbus Underground on June 15, 2022

Tudie’s is super honored to be so well regarded in Columbus Underground’s “Treat to Try”, by freelance writer Miriam Bowers Abbott. Miriam, you really know how to make us blush with this queen of all product testimonials:

The first trip to Tudie’s Cookies & Sweets resulted in the modest purchase of a cinnamon roll and a very large cookie. The second trip was roughly 30 minutes later. Because the initial order launched a strong urge to hoard more of Tudie’s wares as quickly as possible.

If you haven’t tried our treats, we urge you to give us a chance to knock your socks off (so to speak). We want to become your destination for the best high-quality treats in Columbus! And thank you, Columbus Underground!